Shows and Festivals 2007

YA looked very bored at the S/S fashion show. Please come to Utah to fly in the sunny sky.

The weather in Utah was good and the air was very fresh at high altitude. The peak of the mountains is higher than 11 thousands feet. We saw many paragliders flying in the sky. Watch carefully in the sky in 2nd picture.

Leave dropped after Thanksgiving:

Queen Young-ae, from LG Whoo (2007.9) CF clip:

Pictures for Moon Festival 2007

Moon cakes:

哈爾濱 Ice Snow Festival, Harbin School 2007

LYA became Image Ambassador to 2007 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 哈爾濱國際冰雪雕塑節 and donated one million RMB to Harbin's Chosun First Middle School: News.

Who would fly in a aircraft with his or her pictures on the body of the aircraft?
Many Chinese fans came to Harbin from around the world and they were crazy waiting hours in the temperature of -20s. Some pictures above were from China