LYA met President Hu Jintao

Lee Young-ae met President Hu Jintao 胡錦濤 and President Lee Myung-bak, 2008-8-25:

見偶像李英愛 2008.8.25

Translated by Google (quoted exactly):
See idol Lee 2008.8.25
Lee Myung-bak to a state banquet in the evening in honor of Hu Jintao. Also present were representatives of the former Grand National Party, Park Geun-hye, such as China and South Korea 50, known as the "oxygen Beauty" actress Lee Young-ae and another actress Jang Nara are invited to attend!
Lee five years ago by Korean dramas, "Jang Geum" Hongbian Asia, with Hu Jintao is also a fan. She last night and meet Hu Jintao Huan, the Chinese Hu Jintao said: "Hello."
Cheong Wa Dae official said, they know Hu Jintao and his wife are "big" drama fans, invited Lee to share dinner together. She rarely attend public occasions in recent years, the last appearance wearing a black suit and become the media focus.